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  • A 'green' and ecologically balanced campus with 'silence' zones for academically conducive atmosphere.
  • Wide open spaces for recreation.
  • Bright, airy and well appointed classrooms.
  • Ergonomically designed furniture for correct posture.
  • Innovative and research-based system of education.
  • Competent ,resourceful, qualified, experienced, motivated and dedicated team of teachers.
  • Special memory boosting methodology especially in Mathematics
  • Intensive use of computer based teaching 
  • Well-equipped Labs and Library
  • Facilities for Sports, Games and Recreation
  • On campus para-medical staff with infirmary
  • Nutritionally balanced diet recommended by dietician
  • Table-tennis boards, badminton courts, carom and chess
  • Counseling and career guidance with specialists
  • Special attention for dyslexic pupils with short attention spans and other learning disabilities
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